Calling all female entrepreneurs: Enter NWU’s Enterprising Women Programme now

Marelize Santana -- Fri, 01/12/2018 - 11:11

Calling all female entrepreneurs: Enter NWU’s Enterprising Women Programme now

The new year brings with it yet another exciting and potentially life changing opportunity for female entrepreneurs in central South Africa by means of the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Enterprising Women Programme (EWP).

This year marks the sixth rendition of the very successful programme as hosted by the NWU’s bhive Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) in Vanderbijlpark. Through this flagship programme, start-up female entrepreneurs are empowered to not only achieve their business dreams but also to stand tall as active contributors towards the South African economy.

The programme has seen female entrepreneurs breaking new ground in numerous fields, such as: app development, catering, construction, fashion design, interior decorating as well as maintenance management. Others have developed and introduced unique products to cater for various markets. Examples include an eco-friendly mobile carwash for big corporates, the upcycling of plastic bags into designer rugs for the tourism industry and, even a taxidermy service tailor-made for the wildlife and hunting industry. Several of these programme participants are now offering employment to other women in their respective communities and even taking in youngsters as interns, showing and teaching them the power of entrepreneurship.

EWP Vanderbijlpark
The EWP calendar starts out with the recruitment of participants for the Vanderbijlpark rendition of the programme and as such all-female entrepreneurs in the Vaal Triangle region who wishes to commercialise and develop their own businesses.

Two information sessions will be hosted on respectively 16 and 30 January during which interested entrepreneurs can meet with the organisers and sign-up for the eight month programme. Applications must be submitted before 14:00 on Tuesday, 30 January.

During the information sessions prospective participants will be afforded the opportunity to interact directly with women who have successfully completed the programme in previous years and who are now heading-up their own businesses. According to Johann Landsberg, manager of the bhive EDC, previous graduates from the programme will offer their experiences and outtakes from the programme with prospective participants to show them first-hand what value the programme has for start-up ventures.

More information about the EWP and the information sessions can be obtained from the bhive EDC by contacting 016 910 3393 or by sending an email to