Boom! Bust! Boom! – Global project to feature on the big screen

Annette Willemse -- Mon, 06/22/2015 - 14:44

Boom! Bust! Boom! – Global project to feature on the big screen

What do you get when you combine the skills and experience of a veteran professor of Risk Management and a member of the legendary Monty Python comedy group? The answer: Boom! Bust! Boom! - a unique and highly entertaining look on the global economic system.

This economics documentary – a mix of animation, puppetry and Nobel Prize winners aims to demystify economics and by doing so explain economics to Joe Public. Starring Nobel Prize winners, Hollywood advocates and Puerto Rican monkeys, Boom! Bust! Boom! represents a crash course in the global money market.

Unique global collaboration

The documentary – which is set to be previewed during a private screening on 25 June 2015 in Johannesburg, is proudly presented by Prof Theo Kocken, Professor of Risk Management for Institutional Investors at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, and Extraordinary Professor at the Centre for Applied Risk Management on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal). This screening marks the first of only two screenings in South Africa. A second screening will be hosted in Cape Town.

Professor Theo Kocken is a veteran economist and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience within the financial industry (with a specialised focus on pensions). He is the founder of the Anglo-Dutch risk management firm, Cardano and is dedicated to make financial decision making less of a gamble (therefore limiting potentially disastrous results), and more focused on stabilising lifelong income for young people, entrepreneurs and retirees. As chairman of Cardano Development Foundation, he and his colleagues also support innovative financial insurance products such as drought insurance and currency insurance in over 50 developing countries.

“The documentary stems from a big idea that began with the unlikely combination of Terry Jones and Prof Theo Kocken,” explains Prof Hermien Zaaiman, Manager of UARM and says that the documentary aims to educate and inform the public about issues pertaining to the global economic system.

Terry Jones was quoted saying: “I wanted to be part of this project as soon as I discovered economics students are taught crashes just don’t happen.” On his part, Prof Kocken says: “Boom! Bust! Boom! promises a simple idea – let’s adapt economics to human nature.”

Prof Theo Kocken, UARM Extraordinary Professor Actor Terry Jones

More about the conversation that led to the making of the film

In revealing the truth about the unstable global economic system, the film acts as the catalyst in getting the world talking about change through education. A central hub for information, news and ideas, BoomBustClick is an online resource for everyone. A combination of light-hearted humour and serious commentary, the film draws as much on interviews and historical analysis as it does on animation, puppetry and the comedy of the absurd. With contributions from John Cusack, journalists Paul Mason and John Cassidy plus leading experts including Andy Haldane, the Chief Economist of the Bank of England and Nobel Prize winners Daniel Kahneman, Robert J Shiller and Paul Krugman, the film is an ideal platform from which to ask the question: Can we change our unstable economic system?

Drawing on their respective talents, this film combines Jones’s unique comedy and Kocken’s detailed expertise, making finance and economics more interesting than it’s ever been before.

UARM - Centre for Applied Risk Management

Ideally, business and risk managers play complementary roles in the process of setting and achieving an organisation's objectives. In practice however, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of these roles can create misunderstanding and conflict between these role players. The resulting need for qualitative postgraduate risk management education and applied risk research has led to the creation of the Centre for Applied Risk Management in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University in 2012.