Alfred Henrico receives Vice-Chancellor’s award for teaching excellence

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Alfred Henrico receives Vice-Chancellor’s award for teaching excellence

Residence father in Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences receives Vice-Chancellor’s award for teaching excellence

On Friday 19 April, Alfred Henrico, lecturer at Business Management was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s award for teaching excellence during a formal dine.  Alfred is also a part-time lecturer at the Potchefstroom Business School’s Post-graduate Diploma in Management.  This award that is awarded to outstanding academic staff is the highest accolade for teaching excellence at the NWU.  During this formal award ceremony, prizes are awarded to all lecturers who receive institutional awards for teaching excellence.  Later in the evening, the Campus winner is announced and then the overall winner.

Alfred in a nutshell:
Alfred started his career in the army where he worked for seven years and was promoted to the rank of captain.  After the army, he entered the private sector and worked a business consultant and after a few years, he exchanged the private sector for a position at a school where he worked as Mathematics teacher at the Hoërskool Reitz.  

In 2003, he was appointed as lecturer in Business Management at the Faculty of Education Sciences, and after four years there, he was appointed as teaching advisor at Academic Support Services.   
Since 2011, Alfred has been lecturer at the School of Business Management at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (NWU), and he lectures all the management-oriented subjects at undergraduate level.

You are also residence father of Kasteel; tell us more about your experiences pertaining thereto.
Yes, Kasteel. It is one of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences of my life.  It is definitely different working with students in an academic contact opportunity and then also on a more personal level in the residence.  In the residence I am ‘Oom Alfred’.  In Kasteel, I am residence father, handyman, supporter, helper, and so much more.  I have forgotten how many cars I have had to jump start.  In the residence, I also fulfil a management role, from finances to people.  Kasteel has made me realise that there are truly talented and utterly competent students on this campus – a revelation that I only realised when I became residence father and became more involved in student life.

What do you enjoy most in your position as lecturer?
Definitely the students.  I would not have been here were it not for them.  The appreciation for trouble that I have gone through motivates me.  It is also nice to receive notices on Facebook a year or two after the students have finished their studies where they give me updates about their careers and they appreciate with thankful hearts my inputs into their careers.

What does the award entail?
I will have to see to what extent the award will help me in my future and career, but I am already overwhelmed by the number of requests from people who wish to know what I do in my classes.  I have also already been invited to act as guest speaker at to conferences.  I enjoy sharing my expertise with others, especially when I see how the strategies that I use in teaching also contribute to the success of other lecturers.

Tell us more about your family life.
I have a beautiful wife, Laurie-May, and two sons. It is rather difficult to maintain a balance between work, the residence and my family, and my wonderful wife quickly reminds me when an imbalance occurs and I have to make adjustments.



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