2016 ITEA gets underway

Hanlie Smuts -- Fri, 11/11/2016 - 12:32

2016 ITEA gets underway

Evaluations for the 2016 Institutional Teaching Excellence Awards (ITEA) on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University (NWU Vaal) are well underway. 

Candidates submitted their portfolios for consideration and delivered their respective presentations recently to a panel of seasoned academics and former ITEA participants led by Dr Esmarie Strydom, Director of Academic Development and Support (ADS) on the Vaal Triangle Campus: Prof Erika Serfontein (School of Basic Sciences), Dr Rhelda Krügel (School of Education Science),  Dr Diana Viljoen (School of Economic Science), Dr Louisa Meyer (School of Education Science),  Prof Ansie Fouché (School of Behavioural Science), Dr Chrisna Botha-Ravyse (School of Economic Science) and Prof Kobus Lombard (School of Education Science).  Dr Chrisna Botha-Ravyse represented the Vaal Campus as a Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award (DTEA) nominee in 2015.  

Front row from left:  Ms Manuela Fernandes-Martins, Dr Louisa Meyer, Prof Erika Serfontein, Prof Ansie Fouché and Dr Chrisna Botha-Ravyse.  Behind from left are Dr Esmarie Strydom, Dr Diana Viljoen, Dr Rhelda Krügel and Prof Kobus Lombard.


Following the evaluations, the portfolios will be part of an internal moderation process before being externally moderated where after the candidates will be informed of their award.  This year, a total of 11 candidates stepped up to the challenge and participated in ITEA. In the category for Emerging Teaching Excellence (ETEA):  Ms Rochelle Botha (Lecturer: School of Education Science), Dr Steven Dunga (Senior Lecturer: School of Economic Science), Ms Anneke Moolman (Senior Lecturer: School of Accounting Science), Dr Velaphi Aaron Nhlapo (Senior Lecturer: School of Education Science) and Dr Ella Wehrmeyer (Senior Lecturer: School of Languages).  In the category for Teaching Excellence (TEA): Prof Jaco Fouché (Professor:  School of Accounting Science), Dr Johanita Kirsten (Lecturer:  School of Languages), Dr Leon Moolman (Senior Lecturer: School of Behavioural Sciences), Dr Ilyayambwa Mwanawina (Senior Lecturer: School of Basic Sciences), Dr Karen van der Merwe (Senior Lecturer: School of Behavioural Sciences) and Prof Hans van Deventer (Professor: School of Basic Sciences). 

Academic staff members on the NWU Vaal who may be interested in entering the Institutional Teaching Excellence Awards in 2017, may contact the ITEA Coordinator, Ms Manuela Fernandes-Martins by visiting the ADS webpage: http://www.nwu.ac.za/ads-home


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